Saturday, November 19, 2016

Givonna Joseph: OperaCréole presents "A Créole Christmas" Dec. 9 & 10 only at Marigny Opera House


Givonna Joseph writes:

A lot of wonderful work and fun have gone into rehearsals for La Flamenca. However, it is with sadness that I have to report a delay in our project.
Due to events beyond all our control, some singers are no longer available for our production of La Flamenca due to personal crises. While we allowed for the possibility of delay in the Risk section of this campaign, we have worked hard and remained on target until these events occurred.
We are unique as an opera company in the repertory that we offer. When canon operas are performed, it is easy to plug in replacement singers in an emergency because the study of the roles in these operas are part of our required training. This is not the case with rare or lost opera where there are no recordings that allow for quick study.
Therefore we have come up with a plan to address our needs, provide you with a product on the dates we originally promised, and present an even more powerful La Flamenca this coming spring.
On December 9 and 10th (only), we are proud to present A Creole Christmas at the Marigny Opera House. This is a fond remembrance of 19th and 20th century Advent and Christmas traditions that New Orleanians hold dear.
To preserve your donations for La Flamenca, and cover the cost of producing A Creole Christmas, tickets will be $25. Admission will be complimentary to our donors at the $100 and above level.
We are continuing to work tirelessly to bring Lucien Lambert's wonderful work to life in May. Until then, we will continue to post video updates of various aspects of the production for your enjoyment.
Thank you again for your generosity, and we thank you in advance for your patience.

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, and look forward to seeing you in December and May!
Givonna Joseph,
Founder and Director of OperaCreole

Givonna Joseph,
Founder and Director, OperaCréole
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