Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Kelly Hall-Tompkins returns to "Fiddler on the Roof" August 9th; NEW Fiddler Solo Music Videos Coming Soon!

New Fiddler on the Roof Solo Music Videos - Coming Here!
Full Album "The Fiddler: Expanding Tradition" 
Coming Later This Season

It has been an absolutely incredible journey to perform as THE "Fiddler"/Violin Soloist for Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway.  Unfortunately, that journey now has a finite end and the show will present its final performance on December 31st.  But that means you still have 5 more months to buy a ticket if you have not already, or come see us again!  I have been away since July 13, but I look forward to being back in on August 9th and greeting you after the show!
I am so excited that this amazing experience has given me so many wonderful new friendships and artistic collaborations and has stoked my creative energies to an all-time high!  The result of all that (including the repetition of 8 performances a week!) is my new solo album "The Fiddler: Expanding Tradition."  The full album will be released later this season and will feature ALL NEW original and commissioned Fiddler solo violin music from the award-winning creators of the Tony-nominated Broadway musical, Arranger Oran Eldor and Music Director/Orchestrator Ted Sperling.  Inspired by my good friend Danny Burstein's prodigious and endearing "Tevye" night after night, I have written my own solo violin version of "If I Were a Rich Man" and dedicate it to Danny.  Sheldon Harnick, Fiddler's original lyricist (and also amateur violinist) loves my arrangement and is working with me and the Bock Estate on next steps, so violinists stay tuned! 
To launch the album, I am happy to announce 2 new music videos, created once again with my amazing team of Audio Engineer Bill Siegmund, Cinematographer/Director William D. Caballero, and my friend, the wonderful fashion designer Gilles Montezin.  The videos feature my arrangement of "If I Were a Rich Man" and the first of the commissioned works: "Fiddler Rhapsody and Scherzo," a wonderful new arrangement by Oran Eldor, which I commissioned and developed together with Oran. This recording features collaborating artists who are my colleagues at the show and a joy to work with: guitarist Jim Hershman, accordionist Joshua Camp and bassist Michael Blanco (on video, the guitarist is Stephen Benson). Expanding on the collaboration between John Williams and Isaac Stern for the 1971 film, I am the first "official" Fiddler to contribute new repertoire to the violin canon and Fiddler tradition.  So even as this chapter of this wonderful production draws to a close at the end of the year, a whole new chapter is just beginning!
Thank you so much for your interest in my career.  Videos coming very soon- stay tuned right here!
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