Friday, August 5, 2016

John Malveaux: Olympic Games in Rio open Aug. 5, 2016 NBC. I signed a contract for concert to benefit US Olympic team in 1980 Games in Moscow; Received a Trophy

John Malveaux of 

The Olympic Games in Rio opening ceremony is Friday. August 5, 2016 NBC. I signed a contract to produce a fundraising concert in New York to benefit our Olympic team in the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow. The USOC later set aside the contract with me shortly before the President boycotted the Moscow Games. The USOC was kind to gift me some sports gear and a trophy in recognition of an outdoor 2009 Juneteeth concert celebrating the Bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln in Long Beach featuring Roy Harris Bicentennial Symphony aka 14th Symphony. The aborted USOC contract centered on the music of Roy Harris. Roy Harris was a friend and a member of the State Department sponsored first cultural exchange with the Soviet Union. Roy was the composer laureate for State of California at the time of his death in 1979. See trophy and GO USA.

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