Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Michael S. Wright: The exit from Europe will mean the gradual phasing out of all the human rights laws...What it will do for the music industry could be very serious indeed.

John McLaughlin Williams

Michael S. Wright of the United Kingdom comments:

Hi Bill,

Oh dear, I am ‘forced’ to comment here as I feel my country has stepped into the unknown with dire consequences ahead. The quote in John McLaughlin Williams posting ‘Someone with a not inconsiderable profile in the UK classical music industry recently wrote on social media à propos the EU referendum: "I don't think I realised, until two weeks ago, just how much intolerance and stupidity there is in this country", a statement with which a considerable number of the great and good agreed.’ This is most relevant in the UK and racism, anti Islamic and general xenophobia is becoming a real issue and a scary one too. Just take a look at these.

Finally, for the sake of humanity, I just hope that America does not elect Trump.

Kind regards


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