Saturday, July 2, 2016

John Malveaux: July 2016 Newsletter of Georgia Laster Branch of NANM Announces $77,000 Grant from Andrew Mellon Foundation to ICYOLA, Led by Charles Dickerson

Maestro Charles Dickerson

John Malveaux of 

The Carillon (published by Georgia Laster Branch, NANM) - July 2016 issue reported:

"ICYOLA Receives Grant From Andrew Mellon Foundation The Georgia Laster Branch – NANM, Inc. members extend their congratulations to Founder/ Executive Director/Conductor Charles Dickerson on having received on May 29, 2016, a $77,000.00 grant from the Andrew Mellon Foundation for the period June 1, 2016 thru May 31, 2017. A portion of this grant is specifically earmarked for ICYOLA to focus on the design of a Fellowship Program to train young musicians of underrepresented communities for careers in American orchestras. It is projected that this program will be up and in operation beginning in the fall of 2017. Upon completion of designing this program, the plan is to administer it jointly with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra (LACO). This is a prime example of how true grit and determination results in benefits not only to ICYOLA but also to the communities it serves."

Congratulation to Maestro Dickerson, board, musicians, and supporters.

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