Saturday, June 25, 2016

Two Enthusiastic Audience Members at Roy F. Eaton's Bryant Park Piano Performances in New York City are also related to him

Dear AfriClassical,

We are big fans of the Genius and Child 
Prodigy, classical pianist, Roy Eaton.  We 
have attended his concerts in NY for decades.
He is phenomenal in his eighth decade of life!!
It is Roy Eaton, who originally connected us to
Africlassical, for which we will always be thankful!!

We had received the announcement of Roy's 
Yearly Free Concert in NY's Bryant Park @ the 
Site of the historical 42nd Street Library, from 
Roy himself as we have been on his mailing list for 
Many years.  

We attended his concert on Thursday June 23rd, the fourth in his 5-part 2016 Series.  As usual, he was fantastic and Erudite.  We, in the open air audience, enjoyed His music as well as the historical backdrop he Interweaves with his piano virtuosity. (See photo below)

 We were excited to hear that he will be playing in Japan next month.  Also, Roy will have the young man from Japan who played his 'Saw Violin' to accompany Roy at the piano in a few of Roy's 
Piano pieces, will participate in his concertizing 
In Japan as well. 

We are very honored to be related to the 
Great Roy Eaton on our Mother's and his 
Mother's side of the Family!!

Best regards, 

Ellen Golding and Elaine Golding in NYC

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