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Givonna joseph, Founder and Director, OperaCréole, has Kickstarter Campaign to bring to life the history of Lucien-Leon Guillaume Lambert, Jr., of African descent

Ouverture de Broceliande (6:47)
(Orchestrated by Rosenberg)
Prelude, Fugue et Postlude (6:34) et al.
Hot Springs Music Festival
Richard Rosenberg, Conductor
Cover Art: Creole Fantasy [detail] 
by Carole Katchen
Naxos 8.559037 (2000)

Lucien-Leon Guillaume Lambert, Jr. was a French composer and pianist of African American descent.  His father, Charles Lucien Lambert, Sr., had emigrated from the U.S.  Lambert, Jr. was taught by his father, by Theodore Dubois and by Jules Massenet.  He enjoyed success as a composer and pianist first in France and later in Portugal.  His diverse output includes  Prelude, fugue et postlude  (6:34), which can be found on Naxos 8.559037 (2000).  Lester Sulivan writes in the liner notes:

"The young Lambert's Promethee enchaine won the Concours Rossini in 1885."

Givonna Joseph writes:

Say hello to Lucien Lambert (1858-1945), composer of La Flamenca!

He looks like the men of New Orleans, doesn't he?
There are families with ties to him that live in New Orleans today.
Lucien was the son of Charles Lucien Lambert (1828–1896) a 19th Century N.O. free classical composer of color. He was born in Paris to a French woman.
The way Kickstarter works is that donors are only charged if the goal is met. If we do not reach the $10,000. goal, we receive no funds at all. 
Thank you in advance for whatever support you can give! We only have 27 days!! Please feel free to pass this on to those you think would help.

Givonna joseph,
Founder and Director, OperaCréole
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