Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Pianist Richard C. Alston performed works of James P. Johnson, George Gershwin & Clovis Lewis with University City S.O. conducted by Leon Burke, III, March 6, 2016

Dr. Leon Burke III, conductor    Clovice A. Lewis, Jr. composer/cellist

Dr. Leon Burke III, conductor

Richard C. Alston, Pianist

Richard Alston, pianist  Dr. Leon Burke III, conductor 

Prof. Richard C. Alston, Pianist, writes:                                                     

Hello Bill,
   On Sunday, March 6, 2016 the University City Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Dr. Leon Burke III, performed the final concert of the 2015-2016 season. I was the piano soloist. Below is the program and attached are photos from the performance. Prior to the concert Dr. Burke and I shared information about the music with the audience. It was thrilling to perform both the James P. Johnson and George Gershwin Rhapsodies in the same concert!

The Seeds Continue To Flower- Black Art Matters

Yamekraw- A Negro Rhapsody       James P. Johnson
                    Richard Alston, piano

Rhapsody In Blue                            George Gershwin
                    Richard Alston, piano

(ENCORE) Keep Off The Grass     James P. Johnson
                    Richard Alston, piano   

The Score                                       Clovis A. Lewis, Jr.
I. The Hero's Journey                 II. The Kings's Court
III. Going Home                          IV. Love's Embrace
                          Clovis A. Lewis, cello

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