Sunday, February 14, 2016

Tom Quick: Black History Month, Black Women in Music, Part III on FM 98.5 Live Streamed on, Monday, February 15, 2016, 9-11 PM ET

Ann Hobson Pilot
Boston Records BR1002CD (1991)

Soulscapes: Piano Music by African American Women
Maria Corley, piano
Albany Records Troy 857 (2006)

Black Women in Music No. 153 for February 15/2016

Black History Month Part III on FM 98.5
Michael Gurt:  Piano.                      Concerto in Three Rhythms. (1932)  Dana Suesse.
Hot Springs Music Festival Symphony Orchestra.
Conductor. Richard Rosenberg.
Wendy Waller:  Soprano.               The Hut.  Grieg.
Margaret Singer;  Piano.                 Eros.        Grieg.
                                                          I Feel your Aura      Ingeborg von Bronsart.
                                                          In The Garden a Nightingale Laments.   Ingeborg von Bronsart.
Ann Hobson Pilot:    Harp.              Sonata.   Paul Hindemith.
The Women’s Philharmonic:          The Oak.  Florence Price.
Conductor.   Apo Hsu.
Rachel Barton Pine:  Violin.           Violin Concerto in F-sharp Minor.   Chevalier de Saint-Georges.
Encore Chamber Orchestra,
Conductor.  Daniel Hege.
Maria Corley:  Piano.                       A Little Whimsy.   Dorothy Rudd Moore.

Maria Corley:  Piano.                       Before I was a Slave.  Undine Smith Moore.

Maria Corley:  Piano.                       Troubled Waters.   Margaret Bonds.
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