Friday, February 12, 2016 Lillian Whitlow discusses African American individuals who influenced growth for generations to follow in new book

There have been millions of individuals in the past who have made a difference in their communities. Unfortunately, most of these stories have never been accounted for. Because of this, Lillian M. Whitlow decided to write a book to bring honor to specific individuals who have made a difference in the African American community.

In Whitlow’s book “Lift Ev’ry Voice,” she writes short biographies of several African Americans in history who have helped influence the black community through their gifts of music, sports, art, literary work, and politics.

“I wrote my book because I believe it will help educators in the school systems to better educate children about black history,” Whitlow said.

“Lift Ev’ry Voice” does not attempt to present all African Americans who have made a specific difference in their communities, but rather bring to light a small collection of stories that are meant to inspire the readers.

Even though the book is written about African Americans, Whitlow hopes that every culture and race will be inspired through these personal stories.

“There are so many individuals who have made a difference in this world and it is my hope to have their stories touch thousands of lives,” Whitlow said.

“Lift Ev’ry Voice” is meant to teach of fascinating individuals, learn from their influence, inspire others to live a life of impact, and lastly – share of people who have not been acknowledged for their influence

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