Friday, February 19, 2016

Eric Conway: Morgan State University Band Drumline plays at the White House!

Dr. Eric Conway writes:

Hello everyone,

Please let me proudly proclaim the fact that our MSU Marching Band Drumline played at the White House yesterday!  Unfortunately was not able to attend, but please see below a short facebook video link to their performance as persons were entering the White House for an HBCU/Black History Event at the White House.  Morgan President David Wilson shared with me this morning how pleased he was with the band’s performance - not only their musical presentation, but how they behaved in such a venue as the White House with a “Who’s Who" list of guests invited at the event.  Dr. Wilson received many plaudits concerning the band’s performance, as soon as they realized that he was the President of Morgan State University.  The Fine and Performing Arts Department already knows the jewel that we have here with Mr. Melvin Miles and Magnificent Marching Machine, but now the World knows.  See link below to a post made just eight hours ago already receiving over 283,000 views, 6,603 likes, and 4,361 shares. Also see facebook links to photos taken at the event!

Mr. Miles, as Chair of this department and your friend, let me say that we are so very proud of you and what you mean to this institution.  Congratulations!


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