Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tom Quick: Black History Month, Black Women in Music, Part II on FM 98.5 Live Streamed on, Monday, February 8, 2016, 9-11 PM ET

I, too; Icy Simpson, soprano [R]; Dr. Artina McCain, piano [L]; Longhorn Music LHM2012001

Althea Waites: Celebration, 
Music of American Composers,
Seven Traceries, William Grant Still 
Kuumba Music (2012)

Black Women in Music for February 8/2016.

Black History Month Part II on FM 98.5

Marcus Eley:  Clarinet.       Night Fancy.     Dorothy Rudd Moore.
Lucerne DeSa:  Piano.

Eliesha Nelson:  Viola.       Sonata for Viola & Piano.   George Walker.
James Howsmin:  Piano

The Women’s Philharmonic:    Symphony No. 3 in C Minor.  Florence Price.
Conductor.   Apo Hsu.

Icy Simpson:  Soprano.             Three Dream Portraits.     Margaret Bonds.
Artina McCain:  Piano.

Althea Waites:   Piano.            Seven Traceries.  William Grant Still.

Maria-Josee Lord:                    Couldn’t Hear Nobody Pray. Can/Con

Ensemble Vocal Epiphanie:     He’s Got The Whole World in his Hands.  Can/Con.

Kelly Hall-Tompkins:  Violin.    Ethnic Variations on a Theme of Paganini.
Craig Ketter:  Piano.

Marie-Josee Lord:  Soprano.   Mary had a Baby.   Can.Con

Ensemble Vocal Epiphanie:     Ain’t got time to Die.  Can.Con

Jean-Willy Kunz:  Organ          Ma Maria.  Trad.   Can/Con

Marcus Eley.                           Introduction & Allegro. Undine Smith Moore.
Lucerne DeSa:  Piano.

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