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John Malveaux: The Neighborhood News Online: Regina and Ken Jones Founded 'Soul' in 1966 to Tell the Stories of Black Entertainers, Not Told Elsewhere

Regina Jones

Soul: Surprises From The Supremes

John Malveaux of 

Carol Hall & Associates shared a featured story in the Neighborhood News (a Los Angeles News publication) about Regina Jones and the pioneering publication, SOUL. See

Regina Jones grew up quickly. At the age of 10, she recalls spending time in the South L.A. beauty parlor where her mother worked. 

Good customer service was a given there and eventually, Jones figured out that if she picked up clients’ lunches, her tips would add up to a decent personal budget. She also kept an eye on the family bills. Whenever a notice came from the Department of Water and Power, for example, she’d gather the funds from her parents, get a cashier’s check at the post office and put the payment in the mail.

At 15 years old, Regina married Ken Jones and began a family, raising five children, all about a year and a half apart. Her financial skills proved valuable immediately. While Ken made a living as a reporter and journalist, Jones was in charge of using those earnings to take care of the family’s fiscal matters. 

In 1966, the couple launched Soul, a publication dedicated to telling the stories of black entertainers of the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s. It was the first magazine of its kind. Ebony and Jet existed, but the main focus wasn't entertainment, and when entertainers were featured, they were generally artists who had successfully crossed over into the white commercial market, such as Sammy Davis Jr., Lena Horne and Nat King Cole

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