Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Afro-Colombian Fashion Designer Edwing D'Angelo expresses his view that Afro-Latinos should be part of Black History Month Celebration

Edwing D'Angelo

Michele A. Pascal issues this release on behalf of Edwing D'Angelo:

As we enter into Black History Month, New York Fashion Week is also fast approaching and bringing together important people and events with fashion and the arts is the perfect way to acknowledge and remember those who have made their contributions to the world. Colombian-American New York City based designer Edwing D’Angelo wants to make sure that where he came from gets recognized as well as include other Afro-Latinos as part of these celebrations of such bright culture and rich history.

The Afro-Latino population gets misrepresented in today’s news reports and pop culture as people often overlook and generalize those being of mixed race. Afro-Latinos have a history of battling for inclusion and have faced a long-standing under-representation of their culture. As an Afro-Colombian, Edwing D’Angelo hopes to bring rise to the issues that Afro-Latinos have been facing as his designs have reigned as a celebration of the past and future as he designs with Afro-Latino pride and sure activism. D’Angelo hopes to be included in a celebration is which he most definitely belongs.

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