Wednesday, June 24, 2015 Romanian-Nigerian pianist Rebeca Omordia will share the stage with...Amy Dickson. [Omordia will play 4 piano studies of Fred Onovwerosuoke]

Rebeca Omordia and Fred Onovwerosuoke

Saxophonist Amy Dickson

On May 19, 2015 AfriClassical posted:

Fred Onovwerosuoke forwards correspondence he has exchanged with Rebeca Omordia:

Dear Fred,

Please see below more publicity in the Sheffield Telegraph for 24 June Bradfield Festival.
Here's the link to the publication :

Very best,

Brava, Rebeca, a big BRAVA to you! Amy Dickson is a multi-Grammy nominee. Thanks for sharing. In our prayers that within our lifetime we'll see more performers and composers of color sharing many more arenas of classic music, both large and small. Be well, my friend. 


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