Monday, June 8, 2015 'Our neighbor in Montclair, George Walker' by Jay Nordlinger

George Walker (b. 1922) 
has a website at

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Posted June 8, 2015

Two Sunday nights ago, the Mannes Beethoven 
Institute presented a concert of Beethoven and 
George Walker. Beethoven, you’re familiar with. 
Walker? He is an American composer born in 
1922. He now lives in Montclair, N.J. Later this 
month, he will have his ninety-third birthday. He 
is currently working on an orchestra piece. He 
was unable to make the Mannes concert.

Thomas Sauer, a pianist who directs the 
Beethoven Institute, introduced the evening with 
a few remarks. He recalled his old teacher, the 
Cuban-American pianist Jorge Bolet. Bolet was 
“a man of few words,” said Sauer. When it came 
to contemporary music, he was “a man of even 
fewer words.” But he recommended to his student, 
Sauer, that he look into the music of George 

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