Sunday, May 24, 2015

Kevin Scott: Sun., May 31, U. of Kentucky Guitar Quartet will premiere my 'Arabesques - Twilight Musings' at Jan Hus Presbyterian Church, 351 East 74th St., NYC at 1 PM

Kevin Scott

Kevin Scott writes:

Hello, all:

It has been awhile since I have sent a mass mailing of my current endeavors as a composer, but there is good news!
Next Sunday (May 31st), the University of Kentucky Guitar Quartet will premiere my Arabesques - Twilight Musings at Jan Hus Presbyterian Church, located at 351 East 74th Street in Manhattan at 1:00 p.m. It's a brief work (4-5 minutes), but it has a lot of material packed into it. The concert is part of Vox Novus' Composers Voice series, and this concert is their seventh annual guitar concert. So if you are coming, please come early!

Now for those who live in Florida, or know anyone that lives in Florida, the Akuchi String Quartet will premiere my short work (1-2 minutes) entitled A Serene Celebration (O Celebrare Semina), a work originally composed for the Passione Quartet's call for one-minute works as part of Vox Novus' Fifteen Minutes of Fame series. Inspired by Jonathan Holland's orchestral composition Shards of Serenity, the work is a peaceful, yet optimistic, meditation.
A Serene Celebration will be premiered during the second week of June (tentative date June 15) at the Tampa Library. Further and official details forthcoming.

I should also mention that several cellists are looking at Je suis..., a large-scale work for solo cello composed in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris earlier this year. Two cellists are trying to secure a premiere, and several more are contemplating the work to see if they can add it to their repertoire. 

Also, I am still seeking a string quartet to premiere my seventh string quartet, which was composed last year. This quartet is based on material I composed for a short independent film entitled Lily in the Grinder (The director decided to go with another composer), but I felt the music was too good to just lie around, so...I expanded the work into a five-movement, 25 minute quartet.
In addition to the two aforementioned quartets, I am currently revising and finalizing my fifth string quartet, whose genesis comes from incidental music I composed for an off-off Broadway production of Chekov's The Sea Gull. When finished, the work will be my longest quartet at forty minutes(!) 

And I still have a lot of music that is being composed, not to mention seeking performances, so if anyone is interested, or knows anyone who is interested, in doing the quartet, please let me know.

Otherwise, I hope to see some of you next Sunday in Manhattan!

Kevin Scott


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