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Soprano Wendy Waller: 3 songs in Feb. 16, 2015 Black History Program are on 2009 CD 'Génie Oblige! Franz Liszt: Origin, Oeuvre and Legacy in Song'

Génie Oblige! Franz Liszt: Origin, Oeuvre and Legacy in Song
Anticipation. Richard Wagner.
The Hut. Op.10 No.7   Grieg.
Eros. Op.70 No.1.  Grieg.
Wendy Waller, soprano
Margaret Singer, pianist
Beetz Collection of Fortepianos (1808 - 1877)
UPC/EAN: 88451134670
Kat. #: P160900001
ISTIA (2009)

On February 12, 2015 AfriClassical posted:

Wendy Waller is a soprano whose website is:   She writes about her 2009 CD, available from numerous online music retailers, from which three songs have been selected by Tom Quick for his February 16, 2015 program:

Dear Mr. Zick,
      I just received an e-mail from Tom Quick about the posting on your blog. I am one of the artists included this week.  First, I want to thank you for your website and the information it contains.  It was so helpful for research that I did on Euro-African composers for a concert to honor Martin Luther King here in Germany a few years ago.   Second, I wanted to pass on the information and a cover shot for the CD from which my selections on Tom's program ( L'attente, Hytten and Eros) stem. 

Génie Oblige! Franz Liszt: Origin, Oeuvre and Legacy in Song is a self-produced solo CD recorded in the Weimarresidenzschloss that Liszt performed in during his tenure here. Art song composed by Liszt is framed by songs written by his musical mentors, contemporaries and students. The unique feature is the use of a collection of concert-quality fortepianos spanning the 19th century that were available in the castle at that time. It took on a life beyond my desire to create a souvenir for concert audiences when it won the Diplôme d'Honneur from the Franz Liszt Society Of Budapest in their 34th Grand Prix du Disque in 2009. On YouTube and my website there is video and more information, if you wish.  

Making this CD with the team assembled remains the most incredible artistic experience of my career. I am deeply honored that Mr. Quick is incorporating it in his programs. It is the CD' first broadcast in North America.  Thanks for putting his program in your blog. His programming is really phenomenal.

All the best to you,

Wendy Waller

Comment by email:
Dear Mr. Zick,
     I am absolutely overwhelmed by your blog posting on "Génie Oblige!". A more wonderful Valentine's Day gift, I could never have received. I was inspired to attempt the project by my love for Liszt's music and admiration for his largely unpublicized character that resulted in untold charitable contributions to widows, orphanages, musicians without pensions and flood victims in Hungary. It was quite a sacrifice as a technical and logistic baptism by fire, but when I realized that no other CD of its type existed, I felt my desire to create something that contributes to classical vocal art long-term was achieved. 
      My mother, dramatic soprano Juanita Waller, who Tom is also graciously including on the program in an excerpt from her most famous role (Salome) passed on her dream to me. Today's post becomes a part of seeing it come to fruition that it may further inspire.  Thank you very much.

All the Best,

Wendy Waller

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