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John Malveaux: Independent Lens | American Denial | Implicit Bias Test | PBS (YouTube)

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John Malveaux

Published on Jan 8, 2015

Premiering February 23, 2015. Check local listings:

This excerpt from the Independent Lens documentary American Denial looks at the “Implicit Bias Test,” which was created to test people’s unconscious bias toward words, and races. It is not about conscious attitudes and beliefs, as one researcher tells us in the film, but about something you yourself may not know you have. 

American Denial sheds a unique light on the unconscious political and moral world of modern Americans. By highlighting the social research unearthed by a Swede's research in the 1940's, the film weaves a narrative (using research footage, newsreels, home movies, and modern short films) exposing some of the potential underlying causes continuing to affect implicit racial biases inherent in America’s institutions today. Timely given recent events that have sparked a national dialogue on race dynamics, the provocative film’s exploration of “stop and frisk” practices, the incarceration crisis, and racially-patterned poverty challenges our assumptions about who we are and what we really believe.

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