Monday, January 5, 2015

'Ise Oluwa for SATB and piano' by Godwin Sadoh Released in Germany on CD 'Natabasamu' by Missio Chor Würzburg, Under Dr. Renate Geiser, Director

Missio Chor Würzburg

Missio Chor Würzburg
Director: Dr. Renate Geiser
Ise Oluwa (Track 10)

Prof. Godwin Sadoh

Prof. Godwin Sadoh writes:

Dear Bill,
On December 7, 2007, The MISSIO CHOR WURZBURGH, under the direction of Dr. Renate Geiser, performed the World Premiere of my "Ise Oluwa for SATB and piano" [Wayne Leupold Editions, 2007], at Gerbrunn (village near Würzburg), Germany.  It was a celebration for the 900th year jubilee of the village of Gerbrunn and the 550th year jubilee of St. Nikolaus Parish Church.  Donations were collected to rebuild an agricultural school in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The group has broken another record.

Today, I was informed that the group has just released the same song on a commercial CD of 28 tracks in Germany. All the information on how to get a copy of the CD is on the website below.

Here is the link to the website of the group: Startseite

Prof. Godwin Sadoh

Comment by email:
Thank you very much Bill. I appreciate it.  GS.  [Godwin Sadoh]

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