Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sergio Mims: TreDiva, Jonita Lattimore, Anisha McFarland & Elizabeth Norman, African American Sopranos, The Promontory, Chicago, 8 PM Sat., Nov. 8, 2014


Left to right: Elizabeth Norman, Anisha McFarland, and Jonita Lattimore

Sergio A. Mims writes:

I thought you would be interested in this


The sopranos of TreDiva, Jonita Lattimore, Anisha McFarland and Elizabeth Norman are three ladies, born and raised in Chicago,  who have developed a musical repertoire with astonishing distinction. Like well trained athletes, these classically trained, multi-talented sopranos can do it all. They have mastered not only operatic music, but also spirituals, jazz, gospel, soul, 
musical theater, and Broadway as well.

TreDiva showcases their extraordinary versatility as African-American Sopranos with three distinctive styles. An evening with TreDiva starts with classical and operatic music before going on to feature musical styles that span several hundred years of music.

TreDiva is a culmination of years of individual training, acclaimed performances on various national and global operatic and symphonic stages including Paris, London, Italy, Vienna, Africa, The White House, Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center as well as academic leadership in higher education that makes the sound of these exceptional voices deserving to be heard.

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