Tuesday, August 12, 2014

NANM: 'In anticipation of the NANM Centennial in 2019, we have launched the Centennial Campaign'

Opening Business Meeting 
Photo By Marydith Lawson

2014 National Convention
The 2014 National Convention was a great success. Thanks to President Smith and all of those who worked tirelessly to ensure that each day was better than the previous. We certainly had a wonderful time in music. We are preparing the Post-Convention Newsletter, which will include a number of highlights from the week.

Centennial Campaign Launch

In anticipation of the NANM Centennial in 2019, we have launched the Centennial Campaign. This is a multi-level campaign, in which we hope to raise 1 Million Dollars.
As many of you know, NANM has functioned off of membership dues and convention registrations for teh past 95 years. Over the years, the need for the organization has grown beyond just the convention. Unfortunately, we have not been able to meet these needs, becaue of the lack of financial resources.
It is our desire, as we enter the 5 years leading up to our Centennial, that we put into place financial resources to meet the expanding need.

Phase One
We are asking each member of NANM to make a donation of at minimum $100 this year. This donation is in addition to any membership dues or other donations. The funds raised from Phase One will be used as the first step of the campaign.

Phase Two
We will be reaching outside the NANM family to individuals and corporations. There are a number of sponsorship and giving levels that are in effect. We have levels for every budget level. If you know of individuals, corporations or other organizations that are potential donors, please contact R. Wayne Woodson. Your help in the process is greatly appreciated.

Website Redesign

We are having the National Website redesigned. The NANM website will be down until the redesign is complete. There will be one page up, which offers some basic information, as well as donation links.

Call For Items
We are asking all branches and members to help us collect documents, programs, etc., so that we can begin to start a national archive. We are also asking branches to send copies of programs that you do to the National Office, so that we can have a record of all of the wonderful work that is done across the country.

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