Friday, July 4, 2014

Eric Conway: Morgan State University Choir Day 11 in Zabljak, Montenegro; YouTube Clips

Eric Conway, D.M.A.:

Today was another travel day, this time to Zabljak, Montenegro. This was perhaps the most remote region that we visited. Before we left the hotel, we were greeted by the sight of old-fashioned cornbread at the breakfast bar - they must have known the Morgan State University Choir was going to be there!
The drive was the longest of the tour, taking almost 3 1/2 hours to get to our destination. The time was not because of distance, but because the town of Zabljak has the highest elevation in Montenegro and the Balkans. Our poor bus had to take the only road the town which cascaded back and forth up a very steep mountain to get to Zabljak. Once again the landscape scenery along the way was always so very beautiful, that you wanted to just say - Look at God!
Our Hotel Zabljak reminded me of a New York hotel in its size, maybe ten feet across and twenty feet deep. With the mountains in the background, it reminded me of the Bavarian Alps. When I mentioned this to someone, they said that this range is an extension of the geological episode that caused the Alps in Europe that extend throughout Europe. The hotel was quite nice, again with a rustic look of wood everywhere. Zabljak has the distinction of having the coolest average temperature in Montenegro, due to the high altitude of the town, of being almost a mile above sea level. Because of the cool temperature, particularly at night, air conditioning was not provided nor needed.
Zabljak is the center of the country's mountain tourism situated beside the Dormitur national park. This national park is known for its 18 glacier lakes. We walked to the lake called "black lake" which is the biggest in all of the Montenegro and the Balkans.
Our concert began at 8PM.  This was the concert originally planned on Monday, but postponed to Thursday.  Once again, this was the first time the Embassy produced a concert in this remote town.  With a total population of 1900 residents, the turnout was better than expected, especially since the time was changed.  Tonight, in always trying to keep our concerts fresh, we sang three new songs that we have not done on tour which was good for the audience for the choir singing different repertoire.  Luckily the hotel was just across the street from the venue.  This was the last public concert.  We were almost finished our tour.
See links to some YouTube video clips of tour:
Impromptu Open Mic session before our Bar, Montenegro concert:
Bar, Montenegro singing the Battle of Jericho:

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