Friday, April 4, 2014

Sergio A. Mims: Kwasi Enin was admitted to 8 Ivy League schools; One factor: "his college application essay in which he cites classical music as a real inspiration."

Kwasi Enin (Photo: William Floyd School District, TIME Magazine)

Diane Chehab tweeted the link to the above photo in TIME Magazine.

Sergio A. Mims writes:

I thought  you and your readers have probably heard by now about Kwasi Enin that Black Long island High school student who got accepted  by all 8 Ivy league Colleges

So how did he do it? So a major part was his college application essay in which he sites classical music as a real inspiration:

"Music has become the spark of my intellectual curiosity."  "I am now a violist who has joyously played for nine years.  I also now take music in my life.  It is the first self-taught and the longest course I have ever taken."

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