Friday, March 7, 2014

Givonna Joseph: 'New Orleans Créoles Highlighted in French Documentary,' 'Le Grand Tour'

Aria Mason (left) and Givonna Joseph (right)

Hello again
​ Mr. Zick, and Mr. de Lerma

How are you both?​ Hope to new year is treating you well.  

​ and my daughter, Aria Mason​
​ere featured​
 "Le Grand Tour"

t is a beautifully filmed documentary about the connections between France, Quebec, and Louisiana. 
​This is the 9th episode of the series.​

Aria and I cover Creole history
​, ​
our connection to opera
​ in early New Orleans​, and the history of
 St. Augustine Church
​, the church built by free people of color where free people, slaves and Europeans sat in pews next to each other to worship. 

In honor of my ancestors who worshipped there,​
​we individually sang verses of Schubert's 
Ave Maria in Créole
​, but they only show the
 last part in Latin with us singing together. 
​My great grandmother, Josephine "Selika" Roux, knew the Latin Mass, but said all her prayers in 

​As Founder and Director of OperaCréole, ​
I love the way they handled the interview they did of me at home. 

I hope you like it!
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