Monday, March 10, 2014

'El Decamerón Negro' of the Afro-Cuban Composer Leo Brouwer has been recorded by Finnish guitarist Ilkka Turta on MSR Classics

Leo Brouwer (b. 1939) is featured at

Leo Brouwer's El Decamerón Negro [Black Decameron] has been recorded by Finnish guitarist Ilkka Turta on MSR Classics:

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Contemporary Music for Guitar = ILKKA TURTA: Etudes I-X; LEO BROUWER: El Decameron Negro; TOSHIO HOSOKAWA: Two Japanese Songs – Ilkka Turta, guitar – MSR Classics

Excellent pieces played to perfection in rather muddied sound.

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Leo Brouwer

Black Decameron, suite (3) for guitar

Description by Joseph Stevenson 

Composition of this suite stems from his hearing the playing of the Canadian guitar virtuoso Sharon Isbin in 1975, "I was possessed by the clarity and poetry in her playing, as well as by her technical accuracy and perfection -- her musicmaking was sheer pleasure." He added, "from the very first two notes I had found the interpreter: Sharon Isbin." Brouwer composed the music and dedicated to Isbin without telling her, "just imagining how it would sound in her hands." She premiered it in 1983.

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