Saturday, June 27, 2009

Comments From 'American Legacy' Editor and Author on Antonín Dvořák & Henry T. Burleigh

[Deep River: Songs and Spirituals; Oral Moses, bass-baritone; Ann Sears, piano; Troy 332 (1999)]

AfriClassical recently posted: “American Legacy: 'A Czech In The Land Of Spirituals' on Antonín Dvořák & Henry T. Burleigh”. We brought the post to the attention of Adina Williams, author of the article which prompted the post, and we sent a Letter to the Editor of American Legacy, Audrey Peterson:
“Dear Editor, When my copy of American Legacy Magazine arrived I was immediately drawn to the compelling article by Adina Williams, "A Czech In The Land Of Spirituals". Henry T. Burleigh is one of the Composers of African Descent who are profiled at my website, I have posted excerpts from the article on my blog:
The article does a great service to the memory of Henry Burleigh and deserves to be widely read. Sincerely, William J. Zick, Ann Arbor, MI”

American Legacy Editor Audrey Peterson responded:
“Dear Mr. Zick, Thank you for such kind words; I've forwarded your e mail to the author, who is thrilled, to say the least. I've looked at your blog and thank you for bringing the article to the attention of your readers. Henry Burleigh does deserve wider attention! Best wishes, Audrey Peterson”

Adina Williams replied as well:
Dear Bill, Much appreciated! Dvorak has been such an obsession of mine. All the fascinating connections with Burleigh, Duke, Sissieretta... Hope it sheds some light. It seems to have opened up some interesting dialogue, as I am getting some heartfelt, soul-searching responses. Look forward to reading your work, as well. I will alert folks to your wonderful website and blog. May I include you on my Jazz List? Again-thanks for your kind words, Adina
Adina Williams
Promotion Executive, Jazz & Standards
Boosey & Hawkes - Publisher
[Editor's Note: Boosey & Hawkes publishes the Simrock editions of Antonín Dvořák and Johannes Brahms; works of Jazz composers such as Wynton Marsalis, Charles Mingus and Chick Corea; and those of Classical composers including Igor Stravinsky, Aaron Copland, Leonard Bernstein, John Adams and Steve Reich.]

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SherwinJTB said...

I believe Burleigh as one of the earliest composers of the time in America. How he met Dvorak I'm not so sure, but they both have strong traditional roots (African/Bohemian).